September 24, 2006

thank you, now go the hell home

whew, i survived it.

originally i thought i'd be out of town for the takeover. the boys' father surprised us and surfaced at the soccer field on saturday. took the boys, and i can't say that is at all easy since we hadn't heard a word since july. so i watched my boys drive off with the most known worthless alcoholic on the planet, and then came home to see that the blown-eyeds had once again invaded my cabin and basically treated it as their own (took an enormous plumbing-altering dump, ie., a pancho montana mass.)

i actually enjoyed Shadowscope & T1G's contributions. richard, i need to blodge more about my roots in multinational language butchering. i don't know why i never get around to it, but shoe shop and chou chope (rhymes w/elope) are both correct, and thank you for being confused. that's a fraction of what it's like to be me.

T1G, you are an artist. you have my adoration for naming that MP3 'beaver of chou' just for the occasion. it's the blog equivalent of writing a song for me, no? plus, you know i'm all about breaking the rules if it means i get to straighten you out. and the mcconaughey pics, icing. bravo, T1G, bravo!

Redneck and Tammi, on the otherhand, i'm done with you. Redneck, you didn't surprise me one bit. actually, i was done with you before you got here. but tammi, i didn't see that coming. you showed your inner bitch and i won't soon forget it. for what?? to side with a KNOWN CORNHOLING dumbfuck-eye? not right, girl. hey, i've been in enough dysfunctional relationships to see that this "redneck & tammi" thing is doomed from the start. look out, you might eventually need some of us that you threw under the bus.

anywho..i'm thankful to all of you for putting up 15 posts in a day, easily a record at the blog that barely speaks. thanks, and see you at your place.

access is now denied.

Posted by shoe at September 24, 2006 10:53 AM | TrackBack

Hey now!!! I just put up that nice little video so you'd have it for memory sake! **blink blink**

And just so you know - I'll always need you in my corner. I'm not a flippin' idiot! You are absolutely on my list of "never piss her off"!!!

damn, I'm really gonna need to work on that innocent look, aren't I?

Posted by: Tammi at September 24, 2006 10:58 AM

I stay confused. Language has nothing to do with it, just DNA and a bit of heavy drug usage.

Posted by: Richard at September 24, 2006 02:25 PM

Quit your damned whinin'... I didn't even paint it red, I just tapped some talent. And posted Sunday mornin'. It ain't like I messed things up that much. I just took what you gave me. Ever seen that happen before?

Posted by: RedNeck at September 24, 2006 04:10 PM

Like I said, Shoe, it's all about the love. Thanks for being a great sport. It was a blast!

It should be noted, that last pic of 'thew came from the "I really do have a chance of looking better than McConaughey" files. I figure, bald can't be that beautiful. Heheheh... I guess I do be wrong.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at September 24, 2006 04:38 PM