November 20, 2006

Faltered Egos

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A recent discussion with a friend turned ugly when the subject of blogging came up. My friend (a health professional) asserted that he didn't think it was healthy to carry on an extra, partially anonymous, persona in one's spare time.

Though I found it kind of offensive at the onset, his comment quickly rooted in my mind.

While I don't think this shoe baby lady qualifies as a full blown alternate persona, it is a hyper-spastic scrapbook of my thoughts and memories, many that I would never put out here if they were tied back to me directly. I would at least conserve on the f bomb a little.

And then there's this, lots of posts have a bragadoches quality to them. Sometimes, I think that comes off as snobbery or elitism; it's kind of a passive plug of arrogance, ya know, look how great this or that is in my life. The lack of true grit makes it somewhat less believable, but much easier to put out here.

As faltered egos go, I think my friend's premise was kind of accurate. I sure invest a lot of my time in this skin. And I know quite a few blodgers at this point, some that differ greatly from what you expect from reading their blogs. Still, it's a great endeavor to take note of what virtues they protect, as well as prostitute, in their own time and space.

Some are super heroes with virtues and ethics beyond the understanding of us common folks. There are clueless dingbats that portray themselves as the highly educated elite. There are masses of disgusting, ugly, white trash from both sexes that portray themselves as sexually advanced and exploratory beyond the imaginations of us normal grinding grunts. Envy me addicts that possess very little that's enviable. Blodgeland, it's real ugly in places. All this sickness and these are the preferred snippets, the greatest hits of these individuals?

Yikes! And all of this thinking about alternate identities has caused some major writer's block for that chou baby lady. She's terribly confused. Though it's been fun eeking out a space in blodgeland as a venting single working mom, I can't say that it's been much escape from or improvement of the issues.

Now I have the additional worry of knowing that I kind of prefer my fictional personality to reality. (I know, big surprise ending, right?) What do you think? Healthy literary exercise or a ticket on the split personality express? You decide.

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