January 03, 2007

black- eyed blues

"C'mon kids, it's time to get ready for school."

True, "What? But? How? Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"What's the problem?"

True, "You said if I ate those peas, I'd have good luck. I ate mine and Alex's too. I'm not having good luck at all. I don't want to go school."

Yay. The daily grind is back. Perhaps not lucky, but definitely welcomed. Have a great one.

Posted by shoe at January 3, 2007 07:19 AM | TrackBack

if they were smart they would have gotten strep.

Posted by: RSM at January 3, 2007 09:30 AM

Did you have collard greens with the black-eyed peas? There really oughta be some blown-eyed peas.

Posted by: Denny at January 3, 2007 03:38 PM