April 12, 2007

High There, Vacation Chapter 5

Yes, it goes on. Sorries. Even though a month has now elapsed since these memories were recorded, still, they must be shoveled somewhere, so deal. Since there are a lot o pics on this one, I pushed it behind the extended entry.

On the second day of Disney, we were totally in the groove. Up early for breakfast and on one of the first buses to the Magic Kingdom. The kids were hamming it up all the way to the park.


I think Disney is the cocoa bean of American capitalist culture. I just can not express the drugging effect of being in such a happy place. To be honest, prior to arriving, I really thought I was doing some great wonderful selfless act by taking the kids there. But it turned out, it was just what I needed. It was just what the doctor ordered. Just what my 15th consecutive tax season had always been missing...a rocket ride into lala land. DSCN10010005.JPG

I think the boys' affection for the theme characters really shocked me. True bought an autograph book with some of his money and really let his oc shine with that. He critiqued all the characters handwriting and talked incessantly about his interactions with them.

We even had lunch with Pooh and his people at Crystal Palace that afternoon. I overheard some great dialogue in there. Probably the funniest was Alex.

Alex with great disgust, "Uh! Did you see that? Piglet is wearing a costume, I saw his zipper in the back. I can't believe this?!"
True, "He's not wearing a costume, he has a zipper on his clothes. Really, Alex, I see you have a zipper on your pants. Is that your Alleymouse costume you're wearing?"
Alex, "Oh, of course. It's his clothes. I get it."
True, "Duh! This is a family place."

We walked our little legs off and though the Kingdom was full that day, we saw it all. We mastered the fast pass maneuver. True was scribbling strategies for our last assault on the Disney Empire by the time the afternoon sun started to drop.

And though I was warned not to take the kids to the haunted house, it was the part of the park I remembered vividly from my childhood.

However, the boys weren't scared at all, in fact, they faked up the fear photos. Who can be afraid in such a wonderful place? We were just too happy for words.
We didn't stay late at the park that night. That 1 guy drove up and brought the boys batteries. Needless to say, for bringing to life the lightsabers, T1G became a pretty important fellow. Thanks, buddy, you'll always be my duracell man, no matter what.

We had a few anchor steams as the light saber wars commenced, by the pool and the stars, it was a great time for all of us. And a perfect day.

Posted by shoe at April 12, 2007 11:23 AM | TrackBack

"Thanks, buddy, you'll always be my duracell man, no matter what."

I'm SOOOOO leaving that one alone. Great pics/stories/memories. It was worth every minute and every dollar when we went.

Posted by: Chickie at April 12, 2007 05:03 PM

how awesome... I wish I could spend a couple of weeks there...

Posted by: holder at April 12, 2007 05:36 PM

T1G really gets around. He was at the Rattlesnake Roundup with us.

Posted by: Denny at April 12, 2007 09:15 PM

Great pictures!! And I know what you mean about the magic of the place... While we were there, Cinderella caught my eye and waved at *me*. I freeking got choked up - what a moment.

Looking forward to more stories!

Posted by: Richmond at April 14, 2007 07:08 AM