November 01, 2005

god is seven

breakthrough, again, i know, people. it's so commonplace around here these days, i don't even bother looking for enlightenment anymore, it'll slap me around soon enough. another pixies line,
if man is 5..then the devil is 6. if the devil is 6, then god is 7 --this monkey's gone to heaven.
absolutely, what a ride.

true turned seven this morning at 9:15 am. the day that changed my world for better forever.

celebrated with a costume party on sunday afternoon with a few of his friends. noticed that seven must be the optimum age for boys, innocence intact. when his friend daniel b showed up, true and matthew gang hugged him, jumping around in circles chanting, "oh, i love you daniel b." it was so sweet, and kinda sad. won't be long til the homophobia sets in and all that untortured free preteen love will be stomped on out fer good.

had massacred melted lego cake for his birthday breakfast. i made it saturday night, stored it in the oven. woke up sunday and preheated the oven to make breakfast. melted all the icing off. it was ugly, but as such, has become a bit of a tradition in our house. true's friends thought it was cool anyway, and true said i was the best mommy in the world. beat that with your storebought cake.

had kind of blogmeet rules forming throughout the party. no talking about underpants. no wrestling. no screaming like crazy fruitcakes. even got to take a pic of true and his buddies geeking out on the keyboard. true had to show his friends where he counts. it's just a word document, he's on 609. you'd think they were surfing porn, mouths all agape, "609?? how'd you do that?"

so my baby is seven and i'm OLD but i'm surviving. life is good, so very very good. happy birfday, true blue!!

oh, and, i love you daniel b

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