September 19, 2005

bunco babes...

hail yes, mon frers... third monday of the month, and you know what that means? twelve hot women, drinking fuzzy navels and rolling dice...bunco, bunco, is the shit people.. i'm a little loopy and a few dollars light..our host tonight had a karoke machine, and it was all eighties, all night...sick haven't lived til you have lip synced some journey and was not at all ugly, though... we even had to stop bunco...too difficult simulating roller skatin get down while trying to keep score...i didn't win, didn't lose either.. had a touch of blog paranoia when my best girl, cuurl (that's aframerican for carol) said we had to do the bump... no way...the world is so small..wasn't vman just railing that shite like yesterday?


sleepy pie, comes tomorrow and it's chock full o to ya, peeps...

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