September 18, 2005

hope springs maternal..

sorry about the unannounced hiatus... the boys went camping with their dad this weekend, so i drank mass quantities of corrosive started out innocent enough, a few beers with a dear friend...then a stop off at another's house, where they were down to one bottle of vodka...we had screwdrivers, first, and they were downright refreshing...but when the oj ran out, that's when the dark forces seemed to rear their sleeping heads... two diet dr. peppers and vodka later (yes, i drank that, i still can't come to terms with why) i was home alone once again...peering into the box..looking for a friend...

guess it was the "hello shoe" in the subject line, or maybe the unfamiliar sender name..but i junked an email that was some nice guy asking me out.. talk about your rejection, i threw a suitor in the trash...

i spent saturday afloat on the guadalupe, spinning circles under the magnificent cypress trees with my dear friend vicki..we just don't get enough time to talk.. we gabbed into the early evening and then i helped her to feed her horse and burro.. actually, my job was to keep mac from eating all of cinco's food, the horse gets the good stuff.. it was only a couple of hours sum total, but it was the highpoint of my day..

then i showered and had a nice evening going to dinner and drinks with a friend from my bunco group..i've always liked her, but we haven't ever spent time just we was great...but still gun shy from the diet dr. vodkas the night before, i called it early and was home at 11... wussville, usa, people, proud to call it my home...

which brings us to the present..sunday was typical..6 loads of laundry, the dishes, swept the porches off..prepped the return of the boys..then decided i'd take them swimming when they got hour or two of laughing and splashing and dunking and having my two little boys hang on me like monkeys, and i was back to being me... happy

as much as they drive me nuts, and as much as i know they are a major deterent from some men even considering dating me...i'm just not me without my boys.. i don't function properly..i fill the holes with whatever i can find, but i'm not someone i'd want to be with..

all's well that ends well..the boys are asleep in their bunk beds, dreaming of lego wars and i have all i need to motivate me..bring on the week, mama needs a new pair of shoes..

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