September 05, 2005

labor day porn marathon..

God, thank you, what a country!!

george bush, i love you, thanks for thinking of me...

since dax is dying for more katrina posts..and velociman is finding much needed humor in this whole heart breaking affair.. vman, "we put the holler in cholera" oh yeah!! you a genius!!

i thought i should come clean so to's been a very relaxing weekend in the shoe news blaring in the distance..i have had trouble tearing myself away from the tv and getting myself out of jammies.. it's exotic, it's erotic, i can barely contain myself..7,000 troops, oh yeah...15,000 troops, oh my...30,000 troops, is it getting hot in here? anyone?

here comes another crew cut muscley man in blue gloves...oh sterile, so strong..if it weren't for the traffic, i think i'd be heading to nola right now.. in my swim suit..lay out on someone's roof and wait for my still my heart, camoflaged men descending from the's so hot in nawlins...

please don't send the basket for me..i want to be straddled in a sling to one of those yummies..
ah, america's best, indeed...i must retire to the living footage on the hour, don't ya know..

(and please don't be offended by this post, i don't mean to shit on the horror that is the gulf coast..i just have camo fetish and great appreciation for america's best..)

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