July 04, 2005

Do it yourself day..

Happy Fourth of July, friends and neighbors...

i had planned to write an exciting piece about some of the most independent thinkers of my times. boy was it going to be good too.. unfortunately, i have a special way of screwing myself each 4th, and why let good plans get in the way of the inevitable?

one year, when i was living in illinois...i went to my friend's family gathering at their farm house. i pulled up, and no one was there...ghost town...so i started to back up. that's when i heard it, arp arp arp, little pugsley was stuck under my front passenger side tire. OOOOPS...

just try to find a vet on the 4th...yikes, people...they are on the lake like everybody else...i sat traumatized while pugsley's stomach swelled up like a watermelon. once the family all returned, we were all amazed by pugsley's mama who was an RN and kept her cool and pulled him through.

sweet freaking people...never held it against me, even pugsley didn't treat me differently after that.

this year, it's been the heat wave and furniture stripper... the chemical smell was so bad yesterday and kept gathering in my garage...i set up a crosswind, opened the back door and garage door and shut all the screens... worked like a charm too.. except in my exhaustion and delirium, my ac went out, and i never even noticed..

Hell, 80 felt cool after being outside in worse all afternoon...it was about 3:45 this morning when i woke up swimming in sweat, and lingered out to the hall. fuck, 84 degrees, inside...Happy do it yourself day again...(at least i'm not playing vet this year)

it ran all night but it's not cooling. i turned it off and back on again, i hate when that's how the repair man fixes shit... but i won't be able to hang out once it starts really heating up...enjoy your fun, i'm off to cooler pastures...

Happy Independence Day!!

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