July 03, 2005

weekend stripper

being a single mom, money is always in short supply.. yeah, yeah, i know...don't cry for me, good capitalists are supposed to live on the brink of destruction, isn't that where we find our motivation? i have a sick infatuation with stripping furniture, love to see the old become new again. plus, the economy of taking a piece of garage sale grade furniture and making it the nicest piece you own is super rewarding.. today it's a dresser. oak, my favorite...once i get the doo doo brown old american finish off it, i think i might like it. it weighs about two tons and has oriental ornamental crap all over it. i'm stripping all that shit too. no it's not an antique, old as me maybe, but by no means worth a dime in it's current condition.. between the heat wave and the chemicals, it's possible i will be light many braincells by mid afternoon. i bet you won't be able to tell..i hardly bring a full deck to my blog as it is...

have a fine lazy sunday, folks..

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