June 27, 2005

Area 51

whoa, zonker, i think you are a mind reader. i never considered area 51 to be in north dakota, because i never suspected alien intervention..but since you brought it up, you know where i think some body snatching has most definitely gone down? your beautiful state, jawja..

i'm a johnny come lately to the blog party...just got addicted to this mess late november. anyway, part of my early addiction was somewhat of a zoolike infatuation. kept reading and kept ending up in georgia. all blog roads lead to georgia. at least for me they did, truly mystifying..

then there were all the headlines from that rarely before heard of land...the nichols court shooting, the stone cold cool chick that talked him into custody, the missing kids, the evolution stickers, the runaway bride, all taking shape as the whole country hummed along... keeps georgia on my mind...

then one morning as the news is jolting me into my day...i hear there's a man, in georgia, of course... they aren't disclosing his identity, but he's killed his ex girlfriend and shimmied up a crane, it's a standoff. ok, a show of hands, how many of you, like me, on hearing this breaking news ran to the television saying out loud, "Good God, Rob, you've finally lost it..please come down?"

so what is going on in georgia? possibly just my own heightened awareness, i was blogtoxicated like i said...but still, are there aliens among you? are y'all eating the kronic kandy? you can tell us. free case of shiner or much preferred, real ale, for any serious evidence that could clear this all up...

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