June 08, 2005

windows to the soul

the gay bellman stopped me and grabbed me by the hand...he walked me over to the window of the hotel and said only, "pardon me, i must get you into the light," and once there he said,"my god woman, where did you get those eyes?"

not that i have the prettiest eyes, i don't, but i definately related to the eye fettish. i love eyes. everyone, everyone in my family has blue eyes. all four grands, my uncles & aunts, my mom, my bro and my two kids. for a recessive gene, it's pretty much dominated our gene pool.

not me, i got green eyes...the dirty spoon..does anyone know what that is? i once had an irish woman stop me at an outdoor concert in Montana...she told me i was her irish sister and she could tell by my eyes..."You've got the dirty spoon," she said.

now i can't site a source, i've searched google using "dirty spoon" and "greasy spoon" and i can't find a single back up to her claim. but ever since that warm july day, i've looked for it in my irish bretheren. and i believe she's right. wow, a genetic tell-tale. and all this time i'd spent just being whitey, i had no idea my eyes were telling another story.

i love the intonation eyes add to a conversation.. the emotion, the truth or the lack thereof. the twinge of deep meaning they can add to an otherwise bland story. the traces of the brown bottle flu that can be seen there. the eyes speak so loudly for a silent organ.

i hope this pulsates your pupils...course i doubt that it will. if anyone knows what characterizes the "dirty spoon" trait, leave it in the comments..i want to know if that holds any validity, or if that nice woman was completely crackers....

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