May 01, 2005

Mayday! ramblings for both sides of the mason dixon line

Y' an effort to bridge the gap between the north and south, I offer this When I lived in Illinois for seven long and wonderful years, I learned two wonderful things about these so called "yankees" and their yankee ways... 1> First, these people love Mayday. Every year I recieved flowers at my home and office...they are delivered surprise style. A knock at your door or a ring of the bell, and you open it, there's no one there??....but fresh spring flowers sitting in a cone shaped homemade door knob hanger!! Damn, those yankees are classy people...I loved it. But the first mayday I experienced I was so confused...WTF, people? Mayday?? huh?? I went to work and told my secretary that I was prankcalled at my front door, but they left flowers!! Really, May first is a holiday? We didn't have that in Houston growing up. I guess what a waste right? You leave flowers on someone's door in Houston on mayday in the 105 degree morning heat, and you ain't exactly winning friends and influencing people.. 2> And since, I'm on the subject of appreciating our neighbors to the north. I've got to say, they LOVE a freaking parade. I counted one year and we had more than 16 parades in our town (again, sorry, but many for occasions the rest of us wouldn't celebrate, much less throw down a parade for), including a revolutionary war reenactment kids were scared shitless. Here come all these sweating soldiers rolling down the coblestones in woolen costumes, with muskets and drums solemnly tapping their way as they overtook our small town. Both my boys cried and begged to go home and it was the only parade of the year where they threw no candy. Damn, but they do love a parade, and for that they are due my respect

I guess it was the heat, too, but i don't remember seeing any parades in Houston either. I do remember being in a few for school....NONE of us ever knew how to do a parade because NONE of us had seen or participated in one before....


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