April 30, 2005

Notice: you don't deserve to live

Y'all I want to start a letter writing campaign. can i count on your support?? If I'm wrong, I need you to tell me. But last I checked we were all still living in an overly sensitive society. I think I see the enemy approaching, it is just as predicted. It's this technology, which many have described as life enhancing, innovative, bringing people together from all corners of the world, efficiently...let me warn you it's ripping us to shreds...

Today, I received a "Failure Notice" from my mom's server who wasn't accepting large files. My first thought..."Great, give it to me straight." After the week I've endured, I opened my email and there it was in black and white... twisted pms interpretation..."Attention: You are fucking up life for the rest of us"

Hasn't anyone bothered to let the folks at Microsoft know that some of us are Macrosensitive? How about a "file too large" notice instead. Am I nuts?

And if they are going to be allowed to throw failure notices out, can we at least set the standards? I know many fucktards that deserve the notification, just to clarify it all for them.

ok ok

Y'all, the lovely and talented jack is back. Please go see texas-music.blogspot.com. I can't link you there because I don't want to attract attention over here, so go see for yourself.

Love to ya,

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