March 31, 2007

Psychobitch, A Case Study

Ok. I rushed home in the fever of the moment and tried to blodge it and made every one of you think I was talking about my period. I wasn't. If I were on the rag, I wouldn't have this kind of fever to write. Dang, don't you know me? I'd be drugged up on my couch moaning, fuck this blodging shite, mama hurts, ya know?

What I meant was, whenever you meet someone or talk to a friend and the subject or slur "psychobitch" comes up, you will generally find a lot of holier than thou women, like myself for instance, piping in and in so, denying that the same monster lurks within us. It has nothing to do with menstruation, but it sure as hell is female at the core.

Case in point, that diaper wearing astronaut. I challenge you to find a syndrome that explains that better than the psychobitch. I kid you not. Why were women, even here in the blog world, so sympathetic? It's because everyone of us has likely had the fantasy of taking the rubber tubing to some fucktard that desperately deserves it. Come awn.

Sheesh, it is lonely out here on this limb by myself. Did I just try to garner support for Lisa Nowak? See?

I wanted to further highlight that although Lisa was obviously peaking in the psychobitch syndrome, you KNOW she wasn't on the rag. We heard every nasty detail about her travelling port a potty and you KNOW they would have been singing it loud had there been a tampon in that garbage bag. It's gross, I know, but I speak the truth here and so you must read it.

But enough on that. I just really needed y'all to know that although I was ready to start killing yesterday, I was simultaneously as fresh as a springtime daisy.

Again, I hate to put you off, but I have discovered that it is a beautiful day here today. I must roust the kiddies and get my weekend on. Y'all be good. See you later.

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For once, I used my brains, but I think it was a chick thing, and a "I made that mistake one before" thing (remember when I thought you had a car accident and fell in a swamp on your way to work?). A lesson learned is a lesson earned.

The last had almost all the signs of being a "I have my gottdamn '.' and I'm a cranky bitch" post, and yet...something was missing. There was too much subtlety, and so I held off, waited for you to divulge a little further, and giggled at reading Denny's take on The Red Beast. Oh yeah, I enjoyed *that* one, a lot.

But Choooooey, there is one thing, at least from my

"Why were women, even here in the blog world, so sympathetic? It's because everyone of us has likely had the fantasy of taking the rubber tubing to some fucktard that desperately deserves it."

Sympathetic? Uh, no. Not from me, at least. Thus far, for the two times in my life I have ever been really in love (naturally coupled with "in lust"), no man has ever filled in me the desire to drive cross-country, sitting for extended periods in my own shit and piss.

And I suspect no man ever will.

Posted by: Erica at March 31, 2007 09:16 AM

no, no, no

i didn't mean sympathetic to the jealousy to the extreme of diapering, i meant sympathetic to the desire to attack a fuctard. that's all. i run into more of them on the highway than in my dating life, but the world's full of people who need a Nowak in their life, imho.

i only mentioned nowak as the case study because i thought that there was evidence that she was batshit without the benefit of the red curse.

dang, all this avoidance and what will this series of posts be known for?
aye yi yiye

Posted by: shoe at March 31, 2007 09:56 AM

Well, I didn't comment yesterday, `cuz I knew where everyone was going with the misperception.

The first thing that I thought of was an aquaintence who had a t-shirt that had "I DON'T HAVE PMS, I'M NOT ON THE RAG, I'M A SUPER BITCH ALL THE TIME!", printed on it. And she was too. I don't know if she would go as far as to pull a Nowak, but it wouldn't have much surprized me if she had.

However, I can keep my inner psychobitch contained, but dayum if some folks can dig and dig and dig, until they grab ahold of that psychobitch and pull it right outta me! Why would folks wanna do that? It is not pleasant!Geeezeloiuse.

Posted by: imp at April 1, 2007 07:51 AM