March 20, 2005

my baby is's time for an ensure...

the alley cat turned four yesterday but was at his dad's so we celebrated today. i'm exhausted.

i got him a motorized john deere tractor. i put off buying it until late saturday nite. PROcrastination. that's right, if there is one thing i can't wait todo, IT'S WAIT...TO....DO....I'M A PRO!!! mainly it's cus 1>Going to wal-mart sux and 2> the box was hugamous, so i had to work up to it. once i finally had to wrestle the sucker thru the walmart...excuse me, sorry, help, oops, soory, excuse me...i got in the car and ugh...was home at 9pm

wrestle the monster box out of the car, thru the garage...dig out the parts, somehow don't break a nail...but wrestle for 30 minutes when i hit the first shitty realization, it's not motorized...just a pedal car

damn, a hundred bucks for a plastic piece of crap that looks cute but sux the weenie i'm sure when you subject it to a normal 4 year old boy. fuck it, i thought, and got on with the assembly...

it was eleven when i had it half together and realized, oh shit, they forgot the steering wheel!! I HATE WAL-MART!! i put what parts i could fit in the box back and the rest in the bag and peeled out bound for restitution...

all turned out well. i got a motorized jeep instead. i forced WALMART to get the new one, take it from the toy aisle to my car, where they unloaded the remains of the wheeless wonder.

it was 2:30 when i got that sucker together and posted my toilet paper post below...i'm all partied out... getting old is like that, huh?

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the votes are in...

You are Toilet Paper.

You are used and taken advantage of by a lot of people, including your friends. They make you be the one to clean up their messes in their life. But the only reason that this happens is because of your kindness and commitment. These are the qualities most members of the opposite sex look for, which makes you hot. Yes, toilet paper is hot. But be careful that your lover doesn't use you to their advantage, and be sure that they are not seeking too much control. Remember: Toilet paper is used by many, but is most often considered valuable when it is not there in time of need.

Most compatible with: sock

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

now i know why i'm haunted by those singleton socks, they want me!! of course, why didn't i see it? o course socks would want the shoe!!!


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March 14, 2005

Loose Footed Fancy Freak


the kids are gone three days now and i'm she batchin' it.. thick thick in adventure ladies..lend an ear...

sat nite i saw guy forsyth. sat at his table.. had four clients come and fall in love with his music. and then we were chatting as he inhaled his dinner and he said, "Shoe, will you help me?" dude, i don't know if there are more powerful words to the discerning codependant. i was moved ladies. of course, i'll help. sign me up...blow job duty?? whatever i can do!!

after the show i took my gf/hetero life partner to see the scene at the inn of the hills. there was a cop behind the bar. he was bald, and short, but sexy ugly as i had my jack goggles on. he was staring me down too. perhaps he was concerned with the bourbon i was choking down at last call. it was a hoot. y'all i think jack is everyone.

on sunday i went to the famous and wonderful gruene concert hall. A show of amens please ladies? who has been there? it was a food pantry benefit concert. i saw guy (of course), jon dee grahm, fred eaglesmith (liked-but over hyped), and the scrumdilliumptious, Slaid Cleaves...damn, suddenly i own a country album. wow. he is awesome. and jon dee, he is like texas tom waitish, gravelly voice...his music stabbed my soul, ladies. amazing dayzies...

love to y'all and y'allin's,
da shoe

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March 11, 2005

the insane machine is on the scene

yo babies. You are so money, you don't even know it! my doggie's nails go click-a-clack down our pho wood floors (holy sheet, no spell check on here?! I can't stay). That is not soup, pho meaning fake. When he gets up to speed he sounds like a little train. He see's me here typing at my screen and realizes that any attempts at getting me to go out into this beautiful day are point-lessss. So I type to you.

The fever is broken. Again? And I'm feeling almost good. I feel good and then I stand up, whoops, not so much. But at least the dull ache in my kidney-area is duller and less vocal. The anti-biot-ICK makes me a bit queasy but what da f*ck? thank god for whathisname who came up with the damn things. Fleming. or so the internet says.

ah the train is back and the tail is wagging. clearly I don't have anything earth shattering to say, the slimy ball at my feet is an invitation I can't refuse.

word up cute girlies, wheeeeeee this is fun!

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March 05, 2005

Nosotros Hablogamos CONmigo????

hablogamos? speak blog..? eh? should we start speaking blog yet???

should i not start tampering with the spanish language?

where the craps are you freaking people?

aggiefan is due back in a coupla days and don't think i won't tell her how unaccomodating ya'll have been...she is going to lick ya'll good for not getting more involved...allowing me to be interactive by myself, that's fucking rude!!


i forgive you, now come out and play NOW

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I tashte like alcohol..

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like alcohol? i can't say i'm surprised but i wonder what a shitty sex life has to do with it? What Flavour Are You?

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March 03, 2005

nobody knows

c'mon blogbuddies and try.

it's not hard. it's not time consuming..

click on the red & white b and try "new post"


i know you will like it...
you can't mess up...c'mon...

ollie ollie all come free!!

oh, and go check out my replacement blogger..i'm sick about those georgia boys

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