April 30, 2005

Notice: you don't deserve to live

Y'all I want to start a letter writing campaign. can i count on your support?? If I'm wrong, I need you to tell me. But last I checked we were all still living in an overly sensitive society. I think I see the enemy approaching, it is just as predicted. It's this technology, which many have described as life enhancing, innovative, bringing people together from all corners of the world, efficiently...let me warn you it's ripping us to shreds...

Today, I received a "Failure Notice" from my mom's server who wasn't accepting large files. My first thought..."Great, give it to me straight." After the week I've endured, I opened my email and there it was in black and white... twisted pms interpretation..."Attention: You are fucking up life for the rest of us"

Hasn't anyone bothered to let the folks at Microsoft know that some of us are Macrosensitive? How about a "file too large" notice instead. Am I nuts?

And if they are going to be allowed to throw failure notices out, can we at least set the standards? I know many fucktards that deserve the notification, just to clarify it all for them.

ok ok

Y'all, the lovely and talented jack is back. Please go see texas-music.blogspot.com. I can't link you there because I don't want to attract attention over here, so go see for yourself.

Love to ya,

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April 20, 2005

other people's money...

the capitalistic buzz. how do you describe the subliminal? hadn't occured to me till i found myself once again, whipping out the plastic to rack up some more must haves. wtf. am i the brainwashed drone i think i am? i can't paint. i really want to do stuff myself but i painted the entryway to my new home. i did the suckiest paint job ever...there is all this trim and i went slow and did my best but i screwed it all up..

so after hating looking at it for months, it looks like i got drunk with a paintbrush in my hand, i paid a friend to paint it, rip out the carpet, stain the concrete, paint all the trim and put up crown molding.

the thing is i'm having anxiety attacks already. it's day one and a half and he's primered and painted and did a really nice job. fixed all my obvious screw ups... it's just that he still has all the long arduous tasks ahead and in my mind he's far exceeding my payroll projections at the rate he's going. ugh, i think i just need to press ahead and enjoy not having to have the sore back and know where every goof up and patch job is. but the tight ass can't spend a nickel great depression child within me is completely constipated from the regularity of visa going zip zip.

never a more true statement than this one, "IGNORANCE IS BLISS".

wish i knew a LOT less in general.


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April 17, 2005

Where the deer and the

Where the deer and the antelope play... Posted by Hello
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funky cold medina

Hello Ladies, I was thinking today of all the wonderful songs in the world. And how varied everyone's tastes are. Back in our youth, there are many songs that stand out and yet I never liked them. Is that the quintessential trademark of eighties music?? Maybe it was the overplay. Remeber the Spring Break trips across the border to Mexico. I once drank shots of tequila at every nasty bar we passed on the way to downtown Matamoros. I remember standing in the sun in an outdoor market, grinning like a moron, watching people pay a guy on the street to electrify them...they held on to a car battery or some current carrying gizmo, and their hair would stand up and then they would stumble off, drunk as I, but miraculously, ALIVE. How did we survive it? It certainly wasn't the music...Maybe in the eighties, but not in Matamoros. Someone tell me, why did all those bars only have literally two or three english songs? They played the same three songs over and over and over. Has the digital age hit Matamoros? Are they popping on the internet now and downloading a night's worth of tequila soaked and shaky tunes? I haven't been in a coon's age, but i suspect there has been very little forward progression in the bar scene. let me know if you know different.


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April 07, 2005

props to our homey in st. louey...

i've got our gateway to the west gal on my mind..

i spent thirty bucks on less than 13 gallons last night, yep, hold on to your dinners ladies, 2.22 a gallon. the dumbass cashier said, "i heard some people say it's going to 4 dollars a gallon!" as i was leaving. as if my wounds TODAY aren't enough, let's go ahead and envision 4 dollar a gallon days, and sisters, this mama ain't drivin.

it got me thinking of my driving days and years...and i think it's super american...super individualist..this car thing. but my first days of driving were spent with the brave st.louey gal. i was self learning stick shift on the MGB and the top was down and we were forbidden to leave the hood. so we just cruised the elementary and middle school and of course, st francis, and i stalled that bitch about four thousand times.

it is a true testament to our (all of us) true and real roots in needletown that my beloved friend didn't sue my ass for whiplash that day. back then, i perfected my skills and then off to galveston, off to the warehouse district, off to wherever. freeing days they were in the sunrise of adulthood. off to learn our ways and leave our marks.

all of us have covered a lot of highway since those days. e42 has resided in three of the four corners. love all y'all, no matter how far you roam..

but i can't afford to leave my driveway. Viva Exxon Mobil, Viva BP, Viva Valero!!


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April 01, 2005

our glasses should be tinging...


victory for us women today..

i had mediation with the ahole. it started at 10 and went to 3. here is the upshot, and it's mighty freaking wonderful....

when i divorced said ahole, i owed him $20k for marital property acquired during marriage. that wasn't half...not even close, just a negotiated price to make him go away...(this is the good thing about divorcing in non community property states)

when my house sold in illinois, the jackass refused to sign the lien cause he wanted his 20k so i sued him for it mainly because i felt he wanted my money even though he had never bothered to um, pay any child support (this is the bad thing about non texas divorce, no job = no court mandated child support, which of course = no child support)

that was october, today, on april fool's day 2005, i mediated my lawsuit with the biggest fool of em all. it was freaking priceless. how i wish i could share all the gorey details...but i'll just say this, everyone there saw though him and worked in my defense. the mediator was wonderful!! he would grin at me like a monkey..he knew i was telling the truth.

in the end the fool got $5000 cash. and i don't feel good about that, but at least it's a fraction of what i owed him.the best part, i'm really divorced, he's payed off and child support is set, below poverty level but at least i don't have to hire any lawyers for a while. i got 5k, and we both agreed to put our other 5k in college accounts for the boys, so my kids get 10 grand and guess who is investing their money?

of course, me...dumbass's last question was was i going to put their money in the stock market? married to me for 7 long years but had to ask??

yes, virginia, there is a complete dimwitted dumbass named bush, but he's not the president...

LOVE and virtue beyond my spite

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