August 31, 2005

glued to the tube...

well, monday night the only footage i saw was of the french quarter, dry and well...even on the internet, i saw very little damage... spent ALL night tuesday glued to the tv...can't believe the devastation...can't believe the utter stupidity of my fellow man...

heard there was a cop shot in the face during the lootings yesterday, another precinct was shot up with ak47s..i'm sick..people of new were warned, you were urged to that you are on tv acting surprised i have nothing left but anger and would love nothing more than to see the cops start shooting your looting asses..

i know you have all no doubt seen the military..what pride..fresh back from iraq and in the thick of it, risking their lives to save us again...speechless...what dedication..anyone starting to have a firmer grasp on what it really means to support our troops??

of course the local cops are suffering too..they've lost their homes...their families are hopefully safe, but now like me, glued to the tv wondering if their spouses are going to make it out of the war zone..

brutal shame...sick for humanity...sick for the sad for all those who left and lost but starting to believe new orleans should be our lost city of atlantis...

as for the missippi and alabama coasts, i can't help but think y'all were caught with false security. my heart breaks seeing the devastation, knowing some of those who fled new orleans may have ended up in worse fate further down the coast...

my good friend mean jean lived in long beach,'s one of those completely flattened towns on the cell phone, can't get thru...worried sick..depressed..

my prayers are for our military and the local police, rescue and health workers...their strength and their desire to see this through are among our only hopes to survive this catastrophic event..i also pray for the strength of all those displaced families, now with nothing to return to..

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August 29, 2005

impure thoughts..

oh my goodness.. wore my new black dress today..and it felt so nice..walked over to the neighbor's to thank her for the sweets she baked me..on my way, i ran into a very nice young stranger.. he was young, but oh i had to look..knee high snake boots on...camo hat..wife beater shirt and dirty muscles sweating in the hot texas sun..ooh la la.. his look took that black dress right off of me, and there i was..staring back..nekid on main street, a perfect world..

i walked in and begged the neighbor's employee..who is that? and tell me he's not 18..

the young girl behind the counter said, "nope, he's older than that"

good i said and relayed our taudry story from the street just moments before..

she said, "yeah, i think he's 19, he graduated last year"

wah, wah, waaaaaahhhh

ouch, sorry hot young boy's mom, wherever you are..

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mommy dearest?

Joan Crawford

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UPDATE: i scored damn near stupid geek on the denny/blight quiz and now old and evil serves me this..are y'all trying to tell me something??
Link: The Classic Dames Test

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August 28, 2005


what can anyone say or do but get out of the way..and that's looking fairly impossible..left houston early thinking i-10 was going to be clogged..who knows when that rain will if the chaos isn't insane enough already..

4 hours back home sweet home...and it was eerily beautiful all the way...the literal calm before the storm... all i could think of were all those families 4 hours behind me..on the same pavement..taking their families and their beloved pets and fleeing for their lives..leaving home behind possibly forever..i've driven in bad rains on those span bridges before, it was plenty frightening without wondering if there would be a new orleans to return to.

your home is going to be 30 feet underwater in less than a day...what do you do? what do you save? what really matters? what if fleeing is more dangerous? didn't most the people that died from katrina in florida get hit by falling trees?

i saw on the news this morning, tourists in the french quarter walking around saying they can't get out..their flights were canceled rental's a good thing they didn't have access to the internet or the news, cause their friendly banter with the interviewer was straddled by two stories of imminent and total destruction..thank goodness they got that twelve pack of bud light...they are going to need it...

now my eyes are starved for more satellite imagery and hopefully live footage of new orleans looking like a complete ghost town..i will of course say my prayers for the big easy..and i'll be thinking of Lafitte's..and of those other fine places and hoping they don't exist in memory alone..

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August 24, 2005

Helen meet Hades..

blogfest abreast..

key and kelley got it going on people.. do not miss this opportunity to meet the finest folks on the planet.. and if you're strapped for cash, consider bunking with the vman..i would, but i've already committed my nights to the blight...assuming i make it..i hope so, but i truly don't know..

book now, crazy fruit cakes, you will be so glad you did..

and leave your damn cameras at home..

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righting wrongs...

today was wonderful...turnaround story for sure... first, i went and saw my poor sick client at his house...i got to see his home and meet his son..he did not look good, but he was glad to see me..he again started talking about how i'd been to the house several times (today was my first) and how we've been talking on the phone several times every day... i looked at him and said, "darling, you are delusional...don't you remember? you were never that popular...if you were entertaining all the folks you claim to this week, your poor wife would have given up and been long gone by now..." he laughed so hard he actually teared felt so good to make him laugh..i owed him that, at least..

second, i scheduled my mandatory biennial continuing education in houston for friday..allowing me to skip work, mama loves a four day work week...and since i'll be in houston, it just so happens that guy forsyth is having a record release at 6 and then playing at the continental club around 9...wa-hoo!! and the kids get to see their gammie, so everyone is happy..

finally, my sales month ended, and by the sheer grace of god, my hot SRF NRA badass beautiful favorite client called and invested 40 grand at zero hour..pushing me a mere 20 bucks above my lowest income month this year...which means, it was my second lowest month of the year... which rocks!! i was devasted to be hitting a new low, and now i'm not..lucky fucking ducky right here..

now, the one right i'm wronging: my kids are going to have to miss school the very first week of the school year... those bitties in the office better not bring that bullshit about all the funds they lose to absences.. i hate the education beauracracy, it's crap.. i pay my fucking taxes, income and property, so they can take their funding issues up with the freaking NASD..

in short, all is well, and though i'll depart for a long leisurely weekend at home in houston, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ..maybe you'll miss me..

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August 23, 2005

spare change for the meat market?

ugh, i'm frustrated...

all this thinking about my horrible dates of late has got me realizing that i really haven't had a decent one in eons..

today, i wore my black is my favorite...flared knee length skirt..cantaloupe colored's as summery and fun as a black suit can be.. heels and plenty of exposed toes, fresh pedicure, don't ya know..

when red returned from lunch, i was sweeping our front porch...she went nuts..."what are you doing? you are going to get all dirty.."

i told her i was advertising...thought a show of sweeping on main street at noon would show the passing cowboys i was domesticated..look at me, i sweep, i invest money, you'll like me, ask me out...

didn't work.. still i see gorgeous men everywhere and i haven't a clue how to meet them..any suggestions?? and lay off the raunch, i need some advice i can actually use...ideas please on how to meet a complete stranger that you're attracted to..

or if you'ld rather, how not to scare a man away..i seem to excel at that as well..

either way, this should be fun..

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August 22, 2005

erotic taxidermy...

if you've been hanging around here very long, you know that monday is my hunter's lunch..which while being a very tame luncheon in general has some recurring themes...of course, camo and guns and such..but for me, it's been about looking forward to mondays ..a feeling i didn't know could exist..

i live in a ranch area...hunting is an industry here...thank you like to hunt? do you like hanging out in beautiful settings for hours on end with nothing to do but stalk exotic game in their backyard? i love it..ranching is interesting creates the beautiful landscapes that i call home and appears to attract some characters..

my main friend is pretty much the ringleader of the hunter's have on average 8-9 regulars and then whoever the hell is in town hunting that weekend.. interesting...this monday, sounds like minnesota, next monday maybe's very diverse in that way..

recently, my friend had a hunter in town from colorado...he was trying hard to fix us up but it was all wrong from the get go..besides working with the dead (taxidermist) he was half hitched, or half ditched, i can't remember...but he was already in the purgatory stage of a relationship with someone else, so i never really took the whole fix up thing seriously...

so we have our usual chatter over chips and salsa, and my friend is trying too hard the whole time.. it is all kinds of awkward...our food arrives and my friend starts telling me this story...

seems he and the taxidermist were speaking of me the previous weekend...and being that they were working on mounts all weekend and speaking of me, they put their heads together and made me a gift..and's your gift we made you...

it was a nameplate that said "Chou Chope, Femme Extraordinaire"..

i looked at the taxidermist in disbelief and asked, "you want to mount me?"

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first day of school


in my attempt to get up early, i accidentally moved the time forward making my usual 6:30 spring to action time occur at 5:30..yow...

true was beaming...he is so excited about catching the bus and starting first grade...i tried to pack him a lunch, but he said no, the cafeteria serves hot things hot and cold things cold, he'd rather dine there..

got to go out front in my bathrobe and take first day of school pics along with the other scantily clad moms in the neighborhood...cute cute...there's betty in her flowered smock, and there's linda with her hair looking like a mop, and there was me...a little bit of scare mind..i got my grinning happy school boy on film..foreveh...

bus picked him up at 5 after 7, one hour to roust the mini me from slumber and shuck him from his nighties and get him on the go..

life is good, the year is new again....
have a good one!!

and cheese!!

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August 21, 2005

drinking velociman??

do my eyes deceive me?? is denny feasting on velociman tonight?? this is a queer thing for such a group of conservatives..y'all want to translate this for me??

vman, what is going on?? you forget to tell us something??

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easy like sunday morning...

quiet as can be in the shoe box this percolating, children still asnooze...HEAVEN..

we are going to church and then i don't know's wide open..ceaseless options..

talk about god things...i've had a little craziness at work of of my clients, in his eighties, fell down and broke his hip...he's ate up with cancer so they sent hospice in to care for him...

call me crazy, but i always thought hospice came in when you were on death's door..i had no idea they helped when you were functioning, just going mad from the medication and lack of mobility..

does anyone know? anyway, my client called me saying, "hey doll, can ask you something and i need you to tell me the truth, have we been talking these last few days?"

"no, sir..your wife was kind enough to stop in and let us know you'd fallen...she's giving us progress reports by phone and we've all been worried sick, but you and i haven't spoken until today"

"funny, in my mind we had talked several times these last few days.. say, i can't get my account up on the computer, can you tell me how much is there?"

i did and gave him a basic review on how the market has been performing lately and then he interrupted me...

"yeah, we talked about all this...didn't we? haven't we just spoken of this yesterday and the day before, several times??"

"no, sir...i'm sorry...we've not spoken...i was really concerned about your fall, but your wife came in and told me you were having a hard time"

"let me ask you something, doll, and i need you to be honest with me....have we spoken these last couple of days?"

ugh, it makes me so sad to see people i've loved and tried to help slip away...i don't know if this one's coming back, ya know? but i feel for his wife..dealing with that paranoia at her age must be unreal...everybody's out to get him, and all she can do is pile on more pills and pray for his peace of mind..

stronger women than me out there..lots to strive for..

peace of mind to all you people, it is a commodity folks, so don't take it for granted..

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August 20, 2005

tick tick tick...

less than two days left of summer.. beautiful sunny day in central texas..the house is clean and the boys and i are off to the river and then bowling...i know..i dread bowling the way most people dread the bothers me that much.. still, true has developed a love of bowl we must..he said although they make you wear girl shoes, he doesn't mind..cause they're special shoes for sliding just right, he's going to show me..

alex is getting so big..i asked him when his legs got so long last night..he said he was growing up, and that he was still little, just has really big legs, he doesn't know why..but he thinks he's going to be a daddy soon... yikes, who knows what goes on in there? that kid's mind...cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo...

just two days left of summer..pre k and first grade come we go..

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August 19, 2005

sucks to be me..

it bites too, but primarily it's a suck..

tonight i was supposed to be at the worldwide album release of Guy Forsyth's Love Songs For and Against.. i was going to see guy play live for the first time in freaking months...lovely downtown austin...antone's...i even squeaked out a spot in the vip area..damn, do you hear the giant sucking sound? yes, it's coming from the general direction of mexico, just a few hours ain't nafta, it's my life..

never heard from the ex..called him tuesday, asked if he was sending any money, it was the 16th word..called wed, asked if he was planning on picking up the boys, and did he send any money, it is the word...called thurs, asked what time he was getting the boys, and did he send any money, i had to prepay a gazillion dollars in school shite, it is the word...called this morning, assuming he's not sent any money but is he planning on picking up the boys? it is the 19th, afterall..

no word..canceled the trip to the show about 3..that's the power of denial people..three o'clock and i was still hanging on to mother hope..

ex's future ex called about 5:30...they just got all my it a good time to talk? not really said i, what's up? oh, you're in mississippi? on vacation? no, i can't's not a good time at all..

UPDATE: received one text and a phone call from the show..all is very well... sold out.. go guy!!

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August 18, 2005

Hunters' Weekend..

camo guns men muscles sweat deer antelope beer autumn hill country camping

got a call last night from one little debbie..she's on the brink of madness, i tell you..she called to reserve hunters' weekend with me.. isn't that special? it's august, people...hunters' weekend is november..hello? am i coming in clearly..

i didn't mind though..sure, i was only taking reservations thru labor day, like to leave the schedule open..but she bent my ear, she did..talking about boys, and camo, and guns, and hunters' weekend.. we've spent many of them together..

last year little debbie had acquired a taste for straight bourbon..and they served her a fishbowl of it, it was a joke of a drink..everybody in the place was winking and smiling, don't ya know..little debbie was out on the town and feeling alright..

we met a ferrier by the name the name of bud..and let me tell you he was geeky, but little debbie was inebriated and geeking pretty hardcore herself..

it really was a magical little intro..bud introduced himself and told little d she was lovely, and what was her name?...she told him and asked what he did for a which he replied, "i'm a ferrier, i shod horses, mam"

debbie was horrified..she turned to me and said, "shoe, he shot horses"

i said i heard him and i didn't understand why he was so proud of it..but shit, it was hunters' weekend and all, when in rome..

you could see the white picket fence and two countrified children going up in flames in little debbie's terrified drunken gaze...

if only the night had ended there, but hunters' weekends never do..but that's a tale for another time...

little debbie called me a week later laughing hysterically..she was stopped at a light behind a pickup that had a bumpersticker that read, "save a horse, ride a ferrier"

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August 17, 2005

i've got a mexican..

according to the liar's table at the coffee shop this morning, it's official, texas' population is now 50% hispanic and i quote "..and that's just the ones they can count" don't go fact checking, blog freaks, you know that's not what i'm about...and it wouldn't be the liar's table if people went there for facts..

anyway, one guy said he had a mexican that did the most beautiful mosaic tilework...

to which another piped in that he had a mexican that had been his gardener for years and he has a lawn that would make most golf courses look like crab grass..

and still another gentleman had a mexican that sort of does it all..built a fence, did some painting, drywall here and there, and the best news? he's got family, his sister just arrived two weeks ago, and she cleans houses..

egads, i thought...everybody's got a mexican, but me..and being a good capitalist, i immediately began desiring one for myself..

so i know it's not pc, but is it racist? i mean, if it doesn't have a negative connotation when you group people by race, is it racist?

i think "i've got a mexican" should be our national anthem, at least in texas..afterall, each little immigrant is the american dream in the making..they work hard..they don't pay taxes and so neither do you. they do an honest day's work for an honest wage..sure, i know condoning illegal immigration is probably the wrong move, yet, i love a clean house, i love a beautiful yard, i love many things that my single mom lifestyle can't provide me, but my mexican amigos can...

with all the gaza exodus in the news, i couldn't help but fantacize about the US giving texas back to mexico...i mean what if? we have massive borders to protect, and we aren't squares like most you four cornered states..go ahead, i dare you..mark my words, you will be outsourcing to texmexico very soon thereafter...don't fear china, fear texmexico...we are infiltrating even as you sleep..

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August 16, 2005

thank you, hotlantra, once again..

dear ones, gather round.. my latest random visitor came in on a MSN search..from jawja, where else? that's right, yours truly is number 6 for "sexy sister"

just my url, no article reference, i am impressed.. sandwiched in between a tale of incest and shaved scandinavian beauties..

i don't know how this sort of thing happens, but i thank you, whoever you are magical techno gods..i could have come up under such scarier searches so i sleep easy tonight...

all is well, dear ones, all is well...

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2 oh oh 8

oh yeah!!..vman as commander in chief..i do like the sound of only suggestion, denny, the grouchy old cripple, for veep.. try this on for size... our president would be a younger man with a business background..a family guy with two daughters..raised in the lush lifestyle of second generation southern politics..oh yeah..and everyone will figure out by his third speech that a dictionary won't help, he's making half those words up anyway..and america, no use searching for the monkey on his back..he displays his prominently, shows at 2, 4 & 7... special songs by request..

our vice would be slightly older, also an established icon in the business world.. a veteran and man of his word..people will probably come to think of him as the puppetmaster, but the brains there will be more than enough to compensate for any dirt they dig up on the velocimaster. denny, you're going to be the rock that gives viability to the can do it!!

you know you have my support..there's time...let's make this a reality..ain't too much of a change for the average joe, but definitely a step in the right direction...OH YEAH!!

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August 15, 2005

fool me once..

shame on you...

so there i was, and i don't want to spill any super tight undercover info, but i was doing a little research on "copsucker"

after re-reading kelley's comment from a week or so ago, i thought..if i can't be, well then i don't want to be just any kind of copsucker, definitely not sounds like work... plus, i'm a capitalist..simplest way i can see to own my company is to buy my own .com...$10, okay..sounds like a deal to me....but didn't she mention that one was already taken??

that's what i thought i heard..whoever that is, they are wasting a perfectly wonderful url..damn them..i'd be a more productive copsucker, unlike the actual true a slacker...

anyways, so i'm learning all about various copsuckers, songs of copsuckers, women that got labeled copsucker, go look, 529 something references..hey, copsucker is an accepted title..where have i been?? lots of signals along the way, but most eye opening was my visit to the gay hanky codes site.. i learned that there's more than one way to show you are the copsucker..

dawg gone it..did y'all know it was a gay thing? very funny, people, i didn't..when were you planning on telling me?? hmm?? when i move my site it and quickly escalates to the number one gay google and you cool ass conservatives can't hang with me anymore because i've become the fag hag of cyberspace?? fine, be that way..

do y'all think this means i'm gay? as if i don't have enough problems..oh well, i'm putting my blue hanky in my back right pocket and taking these kids to town...i'm driving fast too..whatever it takes...

UPDATE: someone we all know and love was giving off the "looking for salty seamen" sign in nawlins...

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August 14, 2005

hypocrisy and devotion..

love ideals, respect people that are so ingrained in their beliefs they can't be shaken.. it's strong ground to be on, surely..

even with the zealots that seem so obviously flawed, like the branch davidians and the jim jonesians and those folks that tried to catch the comet drinking dramamine and wearing nikes.. although, they without question take their self assurance too far, you gotta admit..

they believe in themselves

oh damn you, rednecks, and divas, and cowboys, and skinheads, and snotty rich fucks, and rappers, and artists, and doctors, and lawyers, and such...with your beliefs and your ideals and your moral fortitude and your ways...

you're all just a little better than me aren't you?

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August 13, 2005

sundown at the ok corral..

.................gunsmoke music.......... ........doodle doodle doo, doo doo doooooo.......................................

it was high noon when the young lass wandered back to the homestead and inside for a drink..she heard the hoopin and hollerin from her bedroom and opened the shutter to see the commotion..

oooooh, fuck no, jack...not you, simmer know you can't go arguing with a madman, especially when he's armed...for the love of god, man, don't go there...

but jack stammered away...he'd had enough, and honestly, who amongst you hasn't felt the same at one time or another?

truly it was a compassionate thing he did..this downtrodden cowboy..for many times he had been inside the saloon when the madman came preying on the locals..he used his charm and his razor wit, and he mesmerized the masses with his golden tongue...sadly, it came with chronic halitosis, in a time when the town was too old yet to know what that meant..

the madman was the horse's ass in the one horse town..the mindless lackeys he surrounded himself with a seething pussing wound on the town..a telling sign to all that resided there that the ignorance and inbreeding was not just a problem down the trail, but in their very own township..

the stories relating to the band of idiots and the turmoil they wrought on the town read like a western encyclopedia to the fall of rome. little joe had once shot himself in the foot while cleaning his gun..sarah jane had once been forced to ride bare back all the way home with no knickers when the sex starved madman had gone overboard with his advances..even tiny, the slackjawed piano player had given up making the peace, he himself feeling the unchangeable outcome not worth the fight.

in the end, jack escaped the gunfight hardly injured..for he realized that he himself had used the band of idiots as his own folly for now could he not see the humor in the retarded circus act they brought to his door? indeed, he had to embrace the retarded children for they were products of the place he called home..

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August 11, 2005

51% and flashlights...

learned a lot last night..hoot of a time, i tell you..i felt like eric playing pool on wednesday night...course the table at the ole waterin hole sucks..

the boys are gone for their final summertime stint with dad..i tried to behave, but like clockwork i found myself driving by the bar on the way home from work, but this time, no kids in the backseat, uh oh...

so i shimmied inside...wearing my blue pin stripe suit..normally, i like to go incognito..a rule due to the ongoing persecution from the teetotaling investing public..however, i was there when the mood struck me, so in i went..

i love a small town bar..there were about 8 people everyone just sits together at one big table..i got an education..

sat with a biker and got to quizing him..this post is rambling on like bad gas so i'll just bullet point the highlights of what i learned for you:

  • bikers wear colors to identify themselves to other clubs
  • there's a whole bunch of props involved, like you don't wear your colors in a cage (car) and you don't wear them in states where your club isn't king..
  • gangs are illegal, that's why they call em motorcycle clubs
  • in texas, if a business receives more than 51% of their income from selling spirits, no concealed handguns are allowed in
  • because no handguns are allowed in, for protection the bikers all carry footlong metal maglites in belt holsters as weapons to protect their bretheren
all being said and done, i'm glad i made nicey nice friends with them..i wouldn't want to piss em off..

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i like you, but not that much...

hey, hey now...

great suggestions and i'm all in...i suggest we put the texas meet off until april...APRIL 29th would be my target weekend and here's why...

i know 8 months is a long time to wait, but hear me out..there are many standing blogfests about these great united states through christmas, i thought having it here would force some of us to say texas vs. helen...and i'm all about getting to jawja and meeting those great bloggers on their home turf, which means any of you coming to texas would be fuct..see, i'll be broke by then, october, which is loosely helen time(?), things get nuts with christmas and all that comes with it...

then there's the whole fact that coming to texas may be a first for a few of our visitors, so i want it to be great weather...i want there to be plenty of time for everyone that wants to come to get a ticket and get here.

Austin is a great suggestion..april 29th is the 40 something anniversary of eeyore's birthday party in pease's warm outside, it's a free outdoor hang out type atmosphere, and the freaks come out en masse..we don't even have to walk, just stake a claim on some property..home for sale and just wait til you see the scenery..we even have our own silverman that shows each year..i guarantee if we did it that weekend, you would all witness that which keeps austin weird..

sound good and conflict free i hope?? oh, and of course anyone wanting to come sooner...we texas blodgers are always up for a mini-meet, just let us know when to be at the airport to get you...

check your schedules and holla back..

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August 10, 2005

Riverside wake...

well, folks.. the lovely and talented Christina has decided to hang it up...i'm mourning this morning.. i've decided to have a wake here in texas for matter how we plan it, feisty is going to be one rotten corpse by the time i can get it together...afterall, she was the one blessed with organization skills, i doubt you'll find that claim anywhere around here...

anywho...suggestions, please?? a winter meet means a mild winter for all those northerners who might like to come..although, things get pretty beautiful around here in the spring...maybe we could have the jeckyll spot in april? and jeckyll could be moved to a warmer month when leaving the hotel room could be an option??

who's in?? what month? city escape? or a ranch style ho-down? you tell me...leave some suggestions...and Christina...i know it's rude to ask the dead to plan their own funeral...but can you help me??

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August 09, 2005

i'm with stupid...

whew, rough fureeekin monday, people..i mean all day..i wore my green suit..i love wearing a suit everyday..tell you what..besides looking sharp as a tack should mister wonderful happen by, don't think in twelve years i haven't learned that it's always nice to be dressed for a funeral, even if it's my own..

i was confused by blogland when i returned..i didn't get it.. sorry, but i enjoyed reading a rape survivor criticizing domestic violence survivors about as much as i would enjoy seeing a retarded child and an autistic child fight to the death..i just didn't get it..comments to boot..

believe me, when you deal with people's money you tend to know them intimately. i know a thing or two or three about domestic isn't an act of stupidity but an act of love.. deranged manipulation of what love is supposed to be, definitely... but love is how you get there to begin with and the fleeting memories are what trap you there...

the victim is very generally mentally beaten into a state of worthlessness and fear.. the victim knows it's wrong, but sometimes knows nothing else, can't see a way out..soon enough, the grotesque bastardization of the perfect family becomes the norm..and who can you blame but yourself?

masochists don't shout out their achilles heals from the rooftops, they covet them as prized secret weaknesses..and therefore they are alone in their suffering, starved for a supportive word they only get their stupidity and worthlessness validated by the apathetic masses.

i felt the exact same domestic violence with a few blogs i was reading.. the height of degradation just being there.. the vile attitudes i took in daily...the ocean of untruth i kept on with because i remembered the good old days. i found myself sitting in my comfy chair late night in my jammies, and so sick of the unbelievable bullshit i was willingly taking in..honest disagreement, i can deal with..mindless chanting minions, i can not..

i think i'm better now..much happier without the negatory bullshit..

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August 07, 2005

it ain't just a river in egypt...

what's the most unhealthy emotion? anyone?? the little white lie of inward truths? i'm guessing denial, that comfortable fuzzy warm emotion...fuck reality, i will believe what i want..

denial is a fabulous seaside see the sharks in the water, but you still long to've got spf 80 on the sunniest day in hawaii.. no harm's coming your're insulated, invincible, bullet proof...

ah, sweet denial...allowing the obese to enjoy chocolate cake...allowing the working stiffs to drink and blog till dawn...allowing capitalism to rocket on without a glimpse of reason...sweet sweet denial..keeping families on speaking terms for generations...

i think i should wish that my own reckless denial is merely a natural codependency between the angel and the devil inside (assuming they're both represented) ...and although i arrogantly peruse my surroundings and feel certain that i'm healthier than know? then i realize, i'm probably in denial...

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August 05, 2005

the master of my domain..

it's shocking what you find out on the internet, even among friends..

turns ons..turn peeves..freaky fettishes..disgusting habits..the blogdrama, it's the world freakin turns..

i've discovered a few local bloggers, like in my zip code, and i find it kind of exciting to bump into them in georgia on one of my homey's freakin world, isn't it? well maybe not, i don't know them in real life, only know we share a tiny local domain..howdy, lurky loo neighbor!!

and speaking of domains, i don't know what i have to do to get a sexier one...but blight girl, i know you could make it happen..i mean, we're friends so you have to help me move, right?? people, i want my domain to stir the nether regions of the masses...these are the domains that make me weak:

  •,, is fine by me
  • exxonmobil, chevrontexaco, royaldutch
  • beretta, smithwesson
  • cox

  • frontier & wideopenwest

calling all technophiles, feel free to offer suggestions, but make it exotic...i'm looking to shake my townie bretheren and turn in my current doldrums domain...give it up..

and speak s l o w l y, i don't know what half of that i said even means...

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With love always, the donut palace..

when i moved here from illinois, i had to start my business over from scratch..that is a heinous proposition for people like me, as the longer you stay somewhere, the more you become established and the less you have to stress the girating income...most of my peers find me to be a touch insane for starting over completely, but at the time, i had just gotten divorced, and starting over felt like the thing to do...

so i moved home to texas..said goodbye to over 700 clients that had been doing business with me and leapt into the great took probably three months before i could transfer all my licenses, so during that time, i just did market research everyday...met the business owners, asked questions, learned the town, you know, acclimated..

my office is fabulous..but the build out took a couple more i prepped the opening, planned a ribbon cutting, called the chamber, and awaited the key to the city...they were going to love me, and my business was going to change their lives...i was so excited..

i had a habit of carring fliers in a folder around in my car, invitations or declarations really, of the grand opening and the festivities to come...

one morning i pulled up to the donut palace, and there was the owner Hop at the drive thru window...he and his wife are the sweetest petitest little asian couple you have ever seen and he was always asking about my business, as i was the only seemingly unemployed person he saw regularly wearing a suit..

Hop, "i see you are going to work, is your office finished?"

me, "no, not quite...but almost, i'm having a grand opening party in a couple of weeks...i hope you and your wife will come"

i started searching my car, and at the time, my office...the folder was empty, the travel file...empty...the glove box, empty...damn, i really wanted hop there..

i saw in the floorboard one flier, i had folded it twice over..but i figured, ahhh, it's not perfect but it's got all the info...and i handed it to hop..

he smiled and looked up at me over the flier..very quiet, very strange...and then he said, "I like the kisses.."

"excuse me?"

he turned it around to show me, and i had blotted my lipstick in the middle of the said you are welcome to this grand opening...SMOOOCH!!!

i want to die, die, die, die, die, die...

ugh, the epitome of professionalism...hop and his wife didn't make it to the opening..

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August 04, 2005

Back to School..

as seen on a bumpersticker today:

My child attends a Plan IV program and
I don't know what the hell that means.

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what are we talking about here?

i'm trying to get my mind to understand this so called blogosphere..a comment that eric made over at princess cat's really got my attention..
"quite a few people know about my blog..but they just don't give a shit..pretty much like me and my posts.."
bravo, eric..

they don't give a shit, do they? non-bloggers don't blog..and by that i fully include lurkers and include lurking as an act part and parcel to blogging.. as a deformed, i mean, reformed lurker..i was still addicted when i was just reading...

other people simply aren' can give them your url, you can urge them to comment..but they just won't..they aren't wired for it..and they fear what they do not understand..(bawk, bawk, bawk, little debbie!)

my favorite is just to say the word blog..often it evokes a slight startled look..kind of like they don't know if you just cussed or belched or what..and then often, they find it hard to use it in a sentence, not knowing if it's a noun or a verb, very confusing to the non blogging public...

still, i read a few guessing 8 million blogs in existence..who knows..with all the variations, probably..but how many bloggers? what is the population density of those both addicted to reading and/or writing regularly?? if the world population is 6.5 trillion souls, how many of them are blog sloths or wired to be so?

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August 03, 2005

where's aunt flo?

thanks for the blog depression, zonker...i didn't know i was depressed until i read the i want to hurt myself..

got me thinking about cycles though..damn, we are pathetic predictable creatures, aren't we? market cycles, lunar cycles, menstrual cycles..what else? they are all marked with recurring warning signs, roadmaps to what lies ahead...the oedipal redundancy inescapable..fantastic, we are rats on a wheel, are we not??

went to get a lipstick and some spot remover (miracle blemish product) and two smock clad women started to quiz me about my cleansing routine..they did not like that i was exfoliating in the morning, at all..the woman straight up asked if i was using a three step process, all three steps?

i had an overwhelming urge to bitch slap one of them when it occurred to me..the blemishes, my attitude, their overbearing, gung-ho cleansing rituals...all significant cogs in the shoe cycle today..

fortunately, i recognized the signs and i let them live..

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August 02, 2005

every day low, everyday...

bad day at work... bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, understand? the cherry? my weekly unavoidable trip to walmart..

you know i'm a good capitalist, right? well i don't hate walmart, not all the our small town, having a super walmart is like having the circus in town every day of the year. long hike in from the searing hot parking lot (are there any close spots?)..bright squealing in delight, and some in agony....impassible mazelike corridors, and of course, freaks aplenty..

however, the personal hygiene is over here and the milk is wayyyy back over there, and before you know it, like vegas, you emerge and you've lost hours of your getting that back..

true suggested tonight that we call it "tall fart" since it's so important to us and it stinks so bad...i liked that, although i had to closet my true feelings..can't show i endorse his usage of the word fart, give an inch and all that..

i've had a lot of cashier positions in my employment history..and i always love to mess with cashiers..especially at tall fart..i've made a study of it folks, and i don't think you will find a more bland humorless employee than those that lurk behind the registers wearing the "every day low"'s more telling than i think they know..

here are my favorite cash out jokes..which i have now delivered tens of times apiece..never have i received any sign of understanding beyond a tilted head and a blank it me?

Talfart employee "that'll be $109.23"
me, "oh, i don't pay..i have my paycheck direct deposited here the first of every month. just put it on my tab"

Talfart employee, "that'll be $82.40"
me, "uuuuhhhh, nope...that's too much...i'll give you fifty bucks for everything"

Talfart employee, "that'll be $136.18"
me, "that's a lot of money..will you throw in your vest and name badge?"

any suggestions? c'mon, play stump the cashier with me..leave your ideas in the comments and if it elicits the same dumbfounded, non-humored response mine get, i'll mail you a prize!!

i'll be there anyway, depositing my paycheck..and looking to get the most bang for my buck.

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more than a game at stake..

had to steal this from the san antonio express-news this morning...does this sound like "i never had sex with that woman" to anybody else? i'm sick of heroes that are zeros..join me, lets place a premium on honesty...

i know one professional athlete and his health is his livelihood..he knows EVERYTHING that enters his body... this guy should run for president with his bastardization of the english language.."intentionally," my ass...

i could care less about his use of enhancement drugs, it's the lying under oath before congress that should get his ass locked up...what a monumental waste of our tax dollars for congress to carry on such a prolonged investigation only to uncover lies.. pass the imodium, please..

i would be shitting a brick if i were called to testify before congress..wouldn't you? i know in my line, lying to the SEC would not only cost me my career PERMANENTLY but also my personal assets and my freedom... they have no reservations about putting corporate criminals away these days.. ask Martha..

hmmm, i wonder why it's so hard for our leaders to tell the truth? small penis complex? any ideas? why is this behavior acceptable in our society today?

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August 01, 2005

gardien d'enfants

when i had the pleasure of taking my kids to paris a few years ago, i decided to hire a babysitter for one evening so that my traveling companion and i could have a nice dinner out and a night on the town.. the boys were younger then, but as a mommy in a foreign land, i had never before laid eyes on a more competent looking babysitter..she arrived at the hotel wearing a grey three piece skirt suit, long brown hair pulled up into a, never seen that before...and something about that french flavored english just put my mind at ease..i have never left my children feeling as comfortable as i did that night.. when we returned, late and inebriated, we found our beautiful french femme looking like dogshit. her hair was all tossled and her face was twitching like she had faced sheer horror, as if she were on the brink of crying.. she was snatching up her personal items from around the tiny hotel room and i said, "were they good?"

she looked at me and said, "actuallee...they were...'orribul...dis one wants to kill zee little one, and zee little one cannot defend himself..." (the little one was six months old, hello??)

so i look at my precious baby's face and it was all scratched up..the older one had seriously hurt him...and where was my beautiful statuesque french guardian? she was right there, playing france the whole time...didn't get involved..wasn't able to protect a 6 month old from a two year old, even with professional training..

so yes, i love france, but i don't defend the ninnies..they are as spineless up close and personal as they are on the world stage..

that life lesson cost me 500 francs and i had to travel back to the states with a scratched up baby...still living, still learning..

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